Starving Souls
The Torah Perspective On Eating Disorders

Special Prayers

Prayer for Health:

(Composed by the CHIDA)

Hashem, with your compassion, grant us strength and health, and full faculties; give strength and might to our limbs and organs, our ligaments and sinews, and our entire bodies, so that our good health may be guarded, and that no ache or pain shall befall us. Let us be happy and good and healthy, so that we can serve You. Protect us from all evil; prolong our days with goodness and our years with pleasantness, and let us live to fill our allotment of years. Length of days and years of life, increase for us - so that we may serve You. In the shade of Your sheltering wings, may You conceal us and save us and all of our family members from harsh and cruel decrees. Let us be tranquil and serene, enriched and invigorated to serve You in awe.

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