Starving Souls
The Torah Perspective On Eating Disorders

Getting help...

Are you experiencing an Eating Disorder or know someone who is?


            We are currently involved in a project to help people that may be experiencing an eating disorder. At this point, we'd like to ask for any volunteers to share their experiences with us through writing and/or speaking. Perhaps you may have kept a diary and would like to share your experiences. It may be done anonymously and will be very helpful to those who need it the most. 

         Our goal is to educate and bring people together to share and speak about their individual battles of an eating disorder. We can help setup a private session for those who feel that they'd like to speak in person. Volunteers are welcome to write, as well as participate in our conference call that will be taking place shortly, or join our forum online. For the respect and privacy of the individual, you may choose to stay anonymous if you wish to.


Thank you for your participation in advance.

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