Starving Souls
The Torah Perspective On Eating Disorders

Our Foundation


     The Starving Souls Foundation, a new project, has been developed for individuals who are or have been struggling with an Eating Disorder, under the direction of Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser. This project is dedicated to providing education, resources and support to individuals living with an eating disorder, as well as the family and friends of those affected by this illness. The Starving Souls Foundation provides opportunities to bring people together to share and speak about their personal challenges, in order to raise an awareness of eating disorders and their far reaching effects.

      A hotline is available to provide general information, resources, as well as medical services and/or treatment options, and support for individuals who are affected by an eating disorder. Through this hotline, private sessions can be setup to allow individuals to speak in person as well. In order to uphold the respect and privacy of everyone, one may write or call anonymously.

To reach Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser 
or the hotline, 

Please Contact:

718. 677.3712 

May we live to see that day when eating disorders are eradicated from society, as it says in Koheles :   
 “Go and eat your bread with joy…”    


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