Starving Souls
The Torah Perspective On Eating Disorders

      Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser is a renowned speaker, eating disorders counselor, syndicated columnist, university professor, and popular radio commentator who has authored many books.  He is known for his exceptional ability to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.  

Rabbi Goldwasser provides reassurance and inspiration, counseling young people, couples and families globally. For the last fifteen years he has been a leading proponent in the Jewish community for the prompt recognition of eating disorders and its proper treatment. He works closely with medical personnel and mental health professionals, facilities, and their patients and has written extensively on the subject of eating disorders.
Often recognized as the familiar, soothing voice heard daily on   91.1 FM and 1430 AM, Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser disseminates Torah to tens of thousands, inspiring hearts and stimulating minds. He has galvanized countless audiences from every background with his eloquence and dynamism through his multiple roles if educator, author, community leader, noted lecturer and spiritual mentor of Congregation Bais Yitzchok in Brooklyn, New York.

Rabbi Goldwasser has been recognized by a broad range of institutions and organizations for his work in the fields of education, outreach and youth crisis intervention. For more than a decade he has turned his attention to the needs of children and adults affected by eating disorders. He is the author of "Starving to Live",  a book that deals with eating disorders from a unique perspective, and "Starving Souls", a guidebook to understanding Eating Disorders on various levels; through which he has counseled young people back to good health.

This site is uniquely designed for individuals and families in the Torah community who are, touched by this dreadful illness, or who want to know more about it. Below you will find links to important information about eating disorders, real stories of challenge and triumph, sources for assistance, and a link to contact Rabbi Goldwasser directly to seek his counsel, or to share your own experiences.






Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser’s new book, "Starving Souls", is a comprehensive guide to the detection and treatment of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders from an extraordinarily unique standpoint:the spiritual one. Rabbi Goldwasser is a highly respected rabbi, author and lecturer, but more importantly, he continues to promptly recognition,counsel and suggest proper treatment for those suffering with the symptoms of anorexia within the community. "Starving Souls", , contains warning signs, probable causes, and the religious perspective on what works and what helps."Starving Souls" is filled with shocking details and case histories that Rabbi Goldwasser has been a part of. There are excerpts from the diary of a nineteen year-old bulimic. Her chilling words ring through as those of a tormented young soul. Many suffering want to overcome their affliction, but continue to be pushed by their inner demons.Readers will be greatly moved by the stories but also uplifted by the ability to learn how to deal with the many variations of eating disorders. Rabbi Goldwasser gives the spiritual perspective on how to dealing with, and ultimately salvaging,the lives of those caught in the downward spiral."Starving Souls" also includes helpful medical information and philosophicaltractates. Rabbi Goldwasser has successfully helped many patients reclaim good health and mental equilibrium. He now strives to help even more.

" Starving To Live is a  comprehensive guide to eating disorders. For the first time, Jewish people can learn the Torah perspective on Anorexia, bulimia, and more. Halacha and practical advice are presented in the essential guide. "

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